Our Staff

When you hire CareMaster to work on a project you can be assured that the work will be supervised and completed by our competent staff. Our management staff has over one-hundred years of experience and education in the restoration industry. There isn’t a project that is too large or small for our management team to handle properly from start to finish.

At CareMaster we train our technicians to be able to perform their duties using up-to-date methods and techniques to be able to complete any project. Our technicians are educated and certified by the most reputable industry organizations.

As a team we share the common goal of exceeding the expectations of our clients on every project.

What people are saying…

Right on time.
“In January of 2005 we found ourselves in quite a predicament. A Newly renovated building almost ready for occupancy had a water heater burst and flood the entire building over a weekend. We called CareMaster and they were on the scene within one hour. They helped get the leak stopped, and dried out the building and helped in the recovery. CareMaster demonstrated knowledge and professionalism and used the right equipment to dry out the facility. That helped to limit our timeline for renovation and keep us on schedule. They were there when we needed them.”
Johnny Humbles
Greenville Utilities Building and Maintenance Supervisor