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CareMaster Talks Mold Protection

July 18, 2013

After weeks of rain, the East is finally drying out. But all that water can spell problems for your home and your health in the form of mold. Senior Project Manager Eric Ambrose recently spoke with 9 On Your Side's Katie Banks about how to protect yourself and your home from this silent threat.

GREENVILLE, N.C. - After weeks of above-average rain across the East, the sun is finally drying everything out.

But all that water can cause big problems with your home and ultimately your health, as warm, damp, humid conditions provide a breeding ground for mold.

"If you have a musty odor, chances are there's something going on with possible mold growth or water damage, says Eric Ambrose, the senior project manager at CareMaster, a disaster restoration and indoor air quality company in Greenville.

But when Ambrose inspects a house for mold, he goes beyond just a smell.

From examining air filters, to floor vents, to showers, dishwashers and even your laundry room, he leaves no surface untouched as he looks for water leaks. Read the full interview.
What people are saying…

Right on time.
“In January of 2005 we found ourselves in quite a predicament. A Newly renovated building almost ready for occupancy had a water heater burst and flood the entire building over a weekend. We called CareMaster and they were on the scene within one hour. They helped get the leak stopped, and dried out the building and helped in the recovery. CareMaster demonstrated knowledge and professionalism and used the right equipment to dry out the facility. That helped to limit our timeline for renovation and keep us on schedule. They were there when we needed them.”
Johnny Humbles
Greenville Utilities Building and Maintenance Supervisor