CareMaster has the largest amount of structural drying equipment in the Greenville-Raleigh area. From air-movers to dehumidifiers to hardwood floor drying systems, we have got it all. Our employees are trained to properly set our equipment in position to maximize structural drying capability in the minimal amount of time possible. We can dry structures within 3-5 days in most situations.

Drying a structure rapidly means limiting the possibility for mold growth. Likewise, drying a structure more quickly means that repairs can be completed sooner reducing down time. CareMaster has invested in state-of-the-art drying equipment to provide better customer service. When you have a wet structure you know that by calling CareMaster you can consider it done!

The following is a list of equipment that we have at our disposal for immediate use:

What people are saying…

Right on time.
“In January of 2005 we found ourselves in quite a predicament. A Newly renovated building almost ready for occupancy had a water heater burst and flood the entire building over a weekend. We called CareMaster and they were on the scene within one hour. They helped get the leak stopped, and dried out the building and helped in the recovery. CareMaster demonstrated knowledge and professionalism and used the right equipment to dry out the facility. That helped to limit our timeline for renovation and keep us on schedule. They were there when we needed them.”
Johnny Humbles
Greenville Utilities Building and Maintenance Supervisor